Cave Story

So I started to play Cave Story, as any indie-game enthusiast should.  Apparently, you can’t call yourself a indie-game lover if you’ve never played this game, and that statement is probably true.  Cave Story is the definition of a video game done right.  Forget about impressive 3D graphics, jiggling boob engines, random shit that are in video games today – Cave Story works as a video game – it maintains a quirky and attractive atmosphere, offers extremely easy to pick up and addictive gameplay mechanics, has wonderful and delightful music and doesn’t rely on gimmicks or distractors(see boob engine) to make it seem like a good game.  And from what I’ve heard, since I’m not done with it yet, it is quite lengthy as well, completing the full circle of the What-it-takes-to-be-a-good-video-game-circle, I just made that up.

The next time you’re making a video game, or playing one, always make sure to look back on this game and realize how good this game was.  What is the purpose of this? I have no idea.  But this game is great, so do it anyway.

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The demo has reached the 5k mark.  Thanks to all who helped the game make it this far.  I’ll be sure to work hard and release the full game in due time 🙂

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Music, Grades, Difficulty, New Game +

If you haven’t noticed, the game’s soundtrack is very schizophrenic.  This has to do with the fact that in addition to HnG, this game is every other game/anime.  In order to convey the full feeling of the media franchise that I’m parodying in any particular area, I used a song from the respective series that was referenced/parodied.  After thinking about it for an extensive amount of time, I’ve decided to exclusively use the HnG soundtrack for all the situations and areas of the game, with only very few exceptions.  This was a very hard decision to make but I think it is for the best due to many reasons.

Having only HnG music, i.e. the tracks derived from the 1st and second season OSTs, as well as character discs is because for one, it makes the game much more consistent and “professional”, albeit this being an indie game, but you get the idea.  Having so much music from so many different sources, no matter how much better it conveys the area or how much kick ass it sounds, gets out of hand pretty quickly.  It’s like the naive kid who has just created his first website and wants to cram as much stuff he likes into one super home page.  There is no organization and no focus, which are two of the aspects I feel that are very important for a game.

Another reason is that it will make the game size a lot smaller.  In this day and age, it probably doesn’t matter with those 1TB or greater HD’s floating around getting cheaper and cheaper, but for a game of this caliber to exceed 150 MB or something solely because of the purpose of music is a little absurd.  This is observing the fact that the game, as of now, only heavily parodies two series, Mushishi and Planetes.  The idea is that I’m going to parody a major game or anime per area as I continue to develop this game, and with that in mind, the OST can only get larger and larger with music from all those respective series if I’m not going to be reasonable and put a cap on it in any sort of way.

The third reason is that… HnG, the anime adaptations that is, are excellent examples of parodies and references to hundreds of series, and yet, they do not necessarily have the soundtracks to those series (exceptions are of course in order, I’m looking at you Cruel Angel, but even so, it had its own twist to it), and I think I should follow the example of the great series that I’m essentially basing my game on.

Enough of the boring stuff (though I am looking for feedback, opinions on the boring stuff.).  Let’s dig into some of the new stuff I’ve been realizing.  First of all, there will be a grade system implemented for the final release.  For all those who’ve played Tales games should have a good idea of what this is about.  This system also has a heavy tie with the New Game + feature that I’m most likely going to implement.  Essentially, during battle, you have actions that will increase your grade, and actions that will decrease your grade.  For example, using items will get grade points deducted, using techs will increase your grade, and running away will completely destroy your grade for your current battle.  At the end of the battle, that grade amount, whether positive or negative, will be added to your aggregate grade, which accumulates from the beginning of your game to the end.  Once you beat the game, you will be able to spend your accumulated grade points and buy “features” you can use in a “New Game +”, whether it would be carrying over your GYEN, arsenal, items, etc. or gaining x2, x10, or  x100 experience per battle.

I’ve also found an easy way to have different difficulty settings that you would be able to toggle any time during the quest.  This more or less only has to do with the difficulty in fighting the enemies in the game and has nothing to do with the dungeon set ups, etc.  It also affects the yields you receive after defeating the enemies.  There will be extra grade benefits or penalties depending on your difficulty.  Say if you are playing on Easy mode, your grade will be cut in half from the amount you would get if you played Normal, and it will double if you attempt to play in LUNATIC mode, in which an enemy deals x3 the damage per hit, have more HP, give less TP, etc.  Hopefully, this will increase a lot of replayability in the game and allows the player to be much more engaged with the game, i.e. trying to beat the game the best way possible, as oppose to “just beating the game”, though both endeavors would be supported, if you don’t care about grades or something.  Basically, I’m trying to add depth while trying to appeal to the widest audience as possible.  Maybe players with high grades can send me their save file for me to confirm it and add their name to the websites wall of fame or something.  Anything is possible.

That’s all for now, hope enjoyed the update 🙂

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HnG Character Meme Sheet

I found this cool/fun little chart template from the creator of Alter AILA Genesis, who made one for his game.

The original template can be found *here*.

Now I know these aren’t my characters, and the purpose of the template is to help character creators with their creation process, but I had fun nonetheless.  It was more of a test of my knowledge for the characters/map out my interpretations for the characters exercise.

Few noteworthy things: Obviously, this chart is not absolute, both in the sense of it is my opinion, and that the categories does not consider all positives and negatives of a character (i.e. Hayate has super bad luck, but that wasn’t a category.) – it can’t, for it is subjective, but again, it was fun.  From this I can conclude that Nagi really needs some help and that Hina is super human.

If you have a better interpretation of the HnG cast (I understand this is not the entire HnG cast, but there are only 7 spaces, and I thought that it was perfect for my playable characters to go on there) then by all means give this character template a whirl.

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Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

There is a lot of hype going around a newly released indie goldmine, Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis by Neok.  I’m about 1.5 hours into the game, and I can honestly say that this has been the most satisfying experience that at least I have had in an indie game.  The game lets you explore a side-scrolling dangerous/post-apocalyptic world with a sick and addicting combat system.

The music is amazing, the custom graphics and cut-scenes are impressive, the interface and style is sleek – play it or regret it 😉


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Class System

I’ve implemented a new class system that dramatically alters the way in which you play with the characters.  First of all, for some characters, changing classes means a change in their attack range.  For example, if Hayate changed from a butler to a maid? (yes, the class is called “maid?” for various reasons), his range changes from 1-2 space in front of him to 2-3, meaning he has more sniping abilities but forgoes his ability to handle melee encounters.  Another thing that changes is their stat layout.  No longer will a character be subjected to one role, ex. tank, caster, healer, etc. though this doesn’t mean that any character can do anything just as proficeintly as any other character, the base stat and the limited amount of classes a character can change into checks this, because I still want character differentiation.  For example, Hayate’s Head Butler class (promoted from the Butler Class) is an all around tank/damage giver, whereas you can go the Goddess? route (promoted from the maid? class) and give Hayate more of a support role, with a boost in PP and Stamina at the cost of a debuff in Offense and Defense.

I’m currently trying to decide whether techs should be regulated to their respective classes or that a character can learn all of his/her techs regardless of class.  However, one thing is for sure, there is an ultimate tech that a character can only learn when he/she is promoted (all classes have a respective, “promoted” class), so if Nagi is in the Sensei class (promotion of her mangaka class), she is able to learn Summon Ryu (to pay homage to the fact that Nagi can summon beings in her mangaka base class and the fact that she is a dragon whereas Ayumu is a hamster), but she is unable to learn HAAAYYYAAATTTEEE!!!!!!!! (A powerful version of HAAYYAATTEE!!, as seen in the previous demo; this new attack will, “summon” Hayate, as in change your character back into Hayate fully healed and having him be pretty much be invincible with insane attack stat), which is only exclusive to her Lord class (the promotion of her Lady class).

Currently, every character has 4 classes, 2 classes and 2 promotions.  I’m contemplating whether to have the option of having a character be in any class they want (Hayate the Flame Haze 0_O).

Also, some small updates.

Every character now has a critical rate, in which he/she deals 3x the damage.  Enemies also carry different crit rates now.  Also, botherers now only hurt the active player.

What else… ah! Now there is damage variability, as in every time you attack, your damage output varies a little bit to add a little bit of spice, this goes vice versa with enemies as well.  This potentially makes monster crystal captures much more difficult, but I’ve changed it so that you only have to get the enemy’s HP to half to do a successful capture, I might raise it a little bit later on though, because half is a little too easy.  Again, nothing is final.  Who knows, I might run into a mega bug and the whole project will have to be canceled, j/k.

One last thing, I’ve made it so that whenever you exchange damage, numbers jump around the screen indicating the damage given or taken, kinda like FFXIII.  It is really cool looking and I think it adds a lot to the aesthetics of the game.


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RMN Download

It has occurred to me that the game hosted at RMN might be corrupted for some reason or another.  For some, it works and for others it doesn’t.  For all intent and purposes, try to download from the mirror, or if you downloaded the RMN version, and it is buggy for some reason, there is always a mirror to fall back on.  Adios!

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